Welcome to ISFAT!
Thanks for taking the time to learn about us and why we're so awesome. Here, have a virtual cookie. It's virtual because you're not actually getting a cookie - we were just pretending to be nice. Sorry, does that make you angry? Perhaps you should start an ISFAT about it.

What the heck is an ISFAT?
ISFAT stands for It's So Fucking Annoying That... and ISFATs are basically rants about the things that annoy you. However, it's not limited to that, oh no! You can start an ISFAT whenever you need to get something off your chest, whether it be life-altering or just a mindless ramble. Feel free to even seek advice or see what others think about a particular issue. Whatever you create an ISFAT about, just remember one thing: at ISFAT, acceptance is just a post away.

Why waste my time ranting when I could be doing something productive like watching One Tree Hill or masturbating?
We won't lie: masturbation and obsessing over Chad Michael Murray are fun activities - especially when done together. But ISFAT has its perks too. We're not just a bunch of angry bitches who complain for the sake of it. Ranting can be a very positive thing. It sends a message, and that's what ISFAT is here to do. Complain about the things that annoy you, and know you're improving the world. Yes, that's right: whether you're bitching about friends or family, cursing your internet provider, whining about crappy TV, starting a nose-picking revolution, or even listing your own faults... you're highlighting what's wrong in society and setting the level for change. We hope that by posting our ISFATs, others may learn something new and put that towards becoming a better person. We aim to step above the issues in our ISFATs, and in doing so, pave the way for a brighter society that's rid of the annoyances and problems we rant about. We're like super heroes, only without the ridiculously gay outfits.

Did you know that the ISFAT mascot has a name?

Say hello to Ranty!

Yes, we're certainly an imaginative bunch.
ISFAT was created back in August 2005 by a spiffy young lad named Jordan Bustin.

You might know him as evil!
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The first ever ISFAT was ranted by evil.

People always assume! kindly condemned people who assume things!
We have our own spunky set of general posting guidelines.

Read them or forever be cursed!
I wanna be a super hero too! What can I do to help?
For starters, if you're not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Create a free account and join the club today! With every rant posted, we get closer to creating our Utopian society that's accepting, understanding and respectful of others. We know we're optimistic. But that's the point! So put on your ranting cape and start an ISFAT! Being a hero is that easy.

Like every good cult, we love gaining new recruits. So if you're feeling extra generous, head over to our Whore Us page to find out how you can help spread the word about ISFAT.

ISFAT is a non-commercial site, completely funded by one overly passionate kid's lunch money. For this reason, donations are highly appreciated!

What do I do now that I've finished reading this page?
Have fun, play nice, brush your teeth before bed, and rant your damn heart out, of course! If you're feeling geeky, here's some extended reading: Our view on censorship, the forum guidelines, forum help pages. You may now stick your hands down your pants and return to your Chad Michael Murray worshipping. Just remember to wash your hands before posting on the forums!