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Full Version: The musical stylings of Tastiskank
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EDIT: Btw, I forgot to tell you the best part about this! One of them (I think the blonde one) played Belle in the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast. Haha. And Kate Reindeers is an actress/singer in the musical The Last 5 Years.



From the moment I met you I couldn't get enough
Saw the "nerdie" inside you though you try to act so tough
We were two of kind, like peas in a pod, seemed perfect together
but now I see there's just one thing we can not weather

You're the worst sex i've ever had
it was so fucking bad
You couldn't ever find my clit
Even if I drew a map to it
The worst sex I've ever had
It was so goddamn bad
But at least one thing is true
I ain't never gonna have bad sex again with you

There were other problems too
All the little things you said
How you had to go for cigarettes
And left me naked in your bed (in the Hollywood Hills Y'all)
How you wouldn't let me touch your Jew fro
I should have seen that warning
Your hair had to be all perfect
Cuz you were "filming" in the morning (You're the Sundance King.. Whatever)

You're the worst sex I've ever had
It was so fucking bad
At least when you took me from behind
You couldn't see my face or read my mind
The worst sex I've ever had
It was so Godamn bad
Had to fake every single one
And lie there like a corpse until your ass was done

Yeah, you're big fat star
Everybody knows who you are
You probably fucked every girl in this bar (poorly)
But I don't care I'm not mad
Cuz you're the worst sex I've ever had
It was so fucking bad
And you rammed my head into the wall
trying to get your hot dog down my hall
The worst sex I've ever had
It was so Godamn bad
Don't push my head down there
Cuz baby I'mm telling you that's a lot of hair
Try Nair
Or we'll give you a buzzcut
Well that was... interesting. I liked the choruses, they were pleasing to the ears, but the verses weren't. I can't imagine the Blond one as Belle though, Belle has to be a brunette in my mind.
But thanks for sharing.

PS. Shouldn't you say "the actress in the musical The Last 5 Years." I mean it does only have a cast of two wink.gif

hmmm that was fun
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