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Full Version: Harry Potter
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ok, now i have seen harry potter and the goblet of fire twice and i think it is the best god danm harry potter movie to come yet, now im aware they changed lots of it from how it was in the book and cut quite a bit out from it, but i dont think that matters, it is still the best god danm one of the 4 to have been released! and i think anyone who thinks differnt should go and suck a lolly ya big baby yous cant denie that was sooooo much better then the first 3 pitiful excusses for a harry potter movie
p.s i dont think they were pitiful that was just for dramatic effect cool.gif
I personally didn't like it that much - it was entertaining to some extent, I mean jeez, it's Harry Potter!!!11! - but it came off too light-hearted and not really too dramatic/epic... However, I actually do agree that it was the best Harry Potter movie by far in relation to the other three, but I also think thats heavily based upon the actual STORY/plot of the fourth book being sexy compared to the other three books. I just didn't like the general way they approached making the movie and the final result... was way too dumbed down to make it viewable by anyone, ie: six year olds... Anyway, I'm not complaining - I did enjoy it, just wasn't really how I imagined it to be, which is why I say the books own the movies, cause with books you can interpret things individually, filling in the gaps with your mind! Eek, someone stick me in a library! blink.gif
im gonna agree. to a point. it was the best of the 4 BUT...

1) no quidditch, that sucked
2) drowned on at the end, 3rd time i saw it 'ZZZZZZZZZZ'

and the books > movies

f*cking dobby. that little prick ruined my image of a house elf. ITS MEANT TO LOOK LIKE KIRBY. CUTE AND PINK GOD DAMMIT.
you know 1 thing that was good about the movie..
Ron Weasleys sexiness
i wanna have his love child
god knows ur the only one that wants to make love to that ferrit.. and then produce his ferrit-like babies.
p.s. I LOVE YOU!!
f*cking dobby. that little prick ruined my image of a house elf. ITS MEANT TO LOOK LIKE KIRBY. CUTE AND PINK GOD DAMMIT.

Yeah, that's exactly why I like the books a lot more than the movies. With the movies, appearances and other things are kinda forced on to you in a restricted way - with the books you are free to interpret such things personally and individually - no matter how screwed up your Kirby imaginations are wink.gif But yyeah, it even makes the story better, really, because it's so much more personal and relatable that way.

By the way, Ron = ew.
gotta agree with u there, evil, my boy!
before the movies came out, i actually LIKED the characters.. now whenever one of them are mentioned, they're judged based on their actors, which i think is really screwed up.
i had painted a picture perfect harry potter in my head, and then emma watson somehow got forced into there.. pshh
i thought hermoione was the only one that they got partially right
you know what?
you thought the size of hermione's tits were the only thing they got partially right.
unfortunately, even that they got wrong.
i thought it was a good moive but the ending was a HUGE LET DOWN!!
they didnt acknowdge harry winning the challange!!!
but over all i thought it was very good
it differed from the book so much to the point it became crap after seing it once

and hermione's tits...well... tongue.gif
eh, they are trying to apeal to a wide verity of people, and if they had of made it exactly as they had in the book, it would have draged on for another 2 hours and all the people who havnt read the book would be boord out of there heads, or somthing like that i dont no im gonna go suck on a pacifier
yes.. but so much explanation from the book = ZILCH in the movie.
it was stupid.
yes but those who have read the book understand it already, so what are you complaining about, if someone who hasnt read the book but has seen the movie complaines it doesnt make sence thats a differnt matter, but so far from what iv heard they all seem content with what they saw!
ppl who havent read the book wouldnt know it doesnt make sense coz they dont know any better!!
the information they put in the movie is very limited, stupid, and makes sense.
other than that, they've missed out so many of the IMPORTANT bits which should've been included in there.
i mean, half the f***in movie is random bits of crap!!
e.g. the first movie - they had a scene purely of scenery, and then hedwig landong on harry's arm.
relevancy anyone?!
umm, i still dont see why you are complaining they missed lots of important stuff in the movie, YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT STUFF WHY MUST IT BE IN THE MOVIES! all the people who havnt read the books dont realy care casue they dont know the important stuff that was left out, but you do! so stop complaining, and those others who havnt read the book want to know the "important stuff" because they are realy truly interested in the story and arnt just seeing the movies for the visual effect ( any one? ) i suggest they read the books, thats not what the movie is there for
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