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Full Version: i was juth thinking..
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Do u think its possible to be in love with someone and just not realize it?
Indeed I do.
I'm also a firm believer that you can not be in love but believe you are without realising it =)

And when you are in love, or believe you are, you overthink it and aren't sure whether it's really love or just a tingly feeling you receive in the bottom of your stomach whenever they touch you.
That being the case, you hesitate to tell them how you feel, being unsure of it yourself.

So what is love, and how do you know that you're "in it"? How do you know that's it real, and not an illusion? What if you have nothing to compare it to?

Love is tricky like that.
In regards to what you asked, youngblood, I was recently in a similar position. Completely unsure of what I was feeling, I let it slide until it was too late.

That's how it goes, th0, doesn't it?
"you never know what you have until it's gone"

No're both idiots.
Love is like a butterfly. Hold onto it too tight, and you'll crush it, too loose and it flies away.
QUOTE (sexy @ Oct 4 2007, 05:34 PM) *
No're both idiots.

great argument there... not.

sure you can misperceive yourself as being in love with someone when youre not, because you like the idea of being in love with them.


you can misperceive yourself as NOT being in love with someome when you ARE because you think its too good to be true or whatever.

it varies from person to person.

my word of advice- take your time and make sure of your emotions whether its yes or no 'in love' before you make a conclusion wink.gif.. same goes for anything in life really.
QUOTE (ExplodingMonkeyArmpit @ Oct 4 2007, 05:52 PM) *
Love is like a butterfly. Hold onto it too tight, and you'll crush it, too loose and it flies away.

Did you get that from Daria? =]

I just saw the episode before lol.
ahh.. daria is an awesome show. shows that weird people can have boyfriends/girlfriends too tongue.gif
Loz I just finished downloading season 5!!!

All I have to do is buy the movies off amazon. I wish they released the shows on DVD so I didn't have to download them
Love is a dubious issue, see the thread I Heart You?. So it depends on what you define as love (hehe, see the movie "10 things I hate about you for the difference between like and love tongue.gif)
Personally I believe it's possible to be unsure if you love someone or not when in all effective senses you do. But in this situation you definitely have to like the person and know it. But when you truly love someone you will know it; there's know way around that.

But in the end; what is love? You can't just give some arbitrary amount of how much you like someone and call it love. That just doesn't work in so many ways. Love is what each individual makes it, so by that you can only love someone if you know it; but it is your definition of love, not somebody elses.
I like you around 12, which is close to love, considering thats around 16 cool.gif

FACTORS ARE 2, 4, 1!!!!
QUOTE (Sam @ Oct 4 2007, 09:10 PM) *
Did you get that from Daria? =]

I just saw the episode before lol.

Daria? No, ew. Its from scrubs.

ohmy.gif Don't mess with Daria!!!

But I am starting to enjoy Scrubs now that it doesn't clash with my tv show smile.gif
dats tru, its hard 2 tell if uve ever even loved someone before and even harder 2 tel if u do, it culd just b a fase fuk i duno.
i had dis dream where my bf and his beastie were drouning n i tried 2 save his friend first. den i woke up and thought shite i that happend in real life id do da same thing. thought about a whole lotta otha things and thought mayb i love his friend i just never realised it. so i gues i eventually realised it not "never".bf friends r just a no go zone right, but i just never thought bout him in that way before. but thats how my grandparents got together , my grandma was dating her future husbands friend, they split up, the friend and my grandma get together = marriage for like 50 years.. quit judging me it culd so happen. i think hed like me bak its just weird

daria is better than scrubs due to its originallity and weirdness.. scrubs is just a typical american comedy which is funnier but completly stupid.
young blood are you by any chance from "da hood"? tongue.gif
bust a cap yo. dawg this shit is wak!

If you're unsure about your feelings towards your boyfriend, it's probably better to dump that foo, yo. But you don't want to go out with his friend either. I'm pretty sure thats taboo amongst most guys. You don't go out with your mate's ex. So you'd just be breaking up 2 friendships buy doing that, even if the friend did like you. Anyway, with all these confused feelings and whatnot, you probably don't really "love" any of these dudes.

...oh and Scrubs>Daria. Case closed
no, not from da hood i just get lazy
n i think ur wrong bout the friends thing. if its ok wif them then y not. im not sayin im goin 2 ask him out straight away or nethin , but later on it shuldnt keep us apart
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