Living in unproductive setups (Featured on Apr 9, 2009)
I believe your living space greatly affects your attitude, ability to study and productivity among other things. Because my attitude, ability to study and productivity levels suck at the moment. And I have to blame something!!

What working or living space issues have you encountered over your years of unproductivity? What are your suggestions or tips for overcoming these... (read more)
Twilight (Featured on Jan 25, 2009)
As roboito puts it, "The film was quite sure I didn't need to do any work... much like hiring a prositute... If I pay for it, I want to be a little stimulated. I wanted there to be pressure, intrigue and climax... I guess I'm trying to say this film was dud sex with an aging prossy in a staff bathroom in the back of a department store loading bay..."
To fear or not to fear! (Featured on Nov 20, 2008)
Our beloved Lily returns, and she's got a great ISFAT for us to ponder:

"I've come to realise that most people are constantly afraid. I mean I am almost 100% sure there is SOMETHING that you're afraid of right now (yes, you reading this!) What makes us this way?"
Fold da fucking flag! (Featured on Oct 23, 2008)
A solid rant about patriotism and absurd reactions to inanimate objects: "I don't give a shit if the American flag touches the ground, cause I dont believe that a piece of material being scrunched up deminishes America that much."

But what really makes this topic a winner is a certain creative ice cream analogy from one of our fresh ranters, n0lite. (read more)
Picking your nose in public (Featured on Sep 10, 2008)
A passionate ISFAT highlighting one boy's struggle to comprehend the disgrace surrounding picking your nose -- and the amusement said struggle brings us: "If I have some annoying crap up my nose, I'm going to pick it out. And if you think that's gross, I'm just going to flick whatever I find into your face."