big corps and people (Jun 6, 2009)
ALRIGHT well you see the thing is... i am a checkout bitch. and the organization from which i work is huge and ugly and we have to wear vomit green shirts... i believe you know which.
Well id just like to let all of you people who do shop there and are probably totally unaware that you do these things what pains in the asses you all are.
-Being a South Australian we obviously dont have... (read more)
Dad: lol @ u jordan, u can't drive 4 shit, and at this rate your younger brother will get his license before you, LOLZ WHAT A NOOB, dumb shit


Would you be able to pay for some driving lessons, Dad? I'd love to be able to pass my driving test next month.


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I go to a uni that is filled with people who are Vegetarian or Vegan and believe animals have the same equal rights as humans.

I have nothing against Vegans or Vegetarians or Pescatarians or whatever kind of "I am not eating meat because it is cruel to animals" you are,I just think lately I have heard comments that have gone too far.

There is a vegan guy in one of... (read more)
my boyfriend for the last couple of days has decided to start deliberatly ignore me for no real reason. and then he has the nerve to walk into my work while i am working and tell me that he has being ignoring me because i was angry with him. and he is apparantly scared of me now-well he didnt say it but he looked like he was shitting his pants when he came into my work. it is not like i have done... (read more)
Messy House (May 20, 2009)
I've been living alone for the last 4 months and a bit. I could have a room mate in my house but really it's just a tiny house with no privacy and when a room mate lives there that means there is no lounge room.

I will admit it i'm not a tidy, organised person at all. But I am a social person. I'm an only child that dies for attention so I naturally always want someone... (read more)