Little things (Nov 9, 2008)
Ta da, nice shiny thread for all the little things in life that annoy you but are not worthy of their own thread.

Like currently my hands are killing me. My right hand hurts because of my pliers and is covered in blisters and starting to callous. And my left hand and part of my right are covered in cuts from wire. Ow. I've been on a jewelry making binge and recently decided it... (read more)
Year 12 Crapness (Apr 16, 2008)
I have never been very academic or an over achiever or even someone that reguarly gets average marks.

But being in year 12 I have been trying to put in 110% and my marks are really showing the opposite. I'm guessing the study methods I have been using really arn't working for me.

Since most of you are big kids in uni now. What was your study method to retain... (read more)
Your Dream Concert (Jun 28, 2006)
If you could have 5 bands perform for your own dream concert...

wait for it.......

A bad person? (Apr 30, 2007)
Because the other thread was going a bit off topic!


Does using any of these substances make you a bad person

and for Kelevra obesity

what is YOUR opinion on this

Happy 300th post!
*sigh* I love shopping, I think its an addiction
The thrill of purchasing a new dress, pair of jeans, cropped jacket, pair of tights, perfect denim mini etc... is AMAZING!!
I dont know WHAT it is that I love about shopping so much, but it has to be something!

For example... About a week ago, I spent 50 dollars on HAIR CLIPS!
I got a purple bow, mini... (read more)